This unique field guide is useful throughout the montane forests of the neotropics.

Based in the Andean Choco of northwest Ecuador it illustrates almost 400 species, representing over 100 families of common plants.

Bilingual, with almost 700 photos, it is a useful reference for students, botanists, naturalists, guides, scientists, and tourists.

Praise for 'Plants of Mindo"

"What a handy field guide! It has been a tremendous help for the guides and our guests in the identification of plants in Mindo. Thank you Tobias!"
- Mariela Tenorio. El Monte Sustainable Lodge. Mindo, Ecuador.

“My students love this book! It's a great introduction for learning about many of the common cloud-forest plants. I will continue to include it as a required field guide with every group.”
- Peter Wetherwax Ph.D. Director. ‘Neotropical Ecology Program.’ University of Oregon.

“The critically endangered tropical forests of NW Ecuador have long needed a basic guide to plant identification. Our dog-eared copies of ‘Plants of Mindo’ have brought the immense biodiversity neatly into perspective.”

– Jose DeCoux. Reserva Los Cedros, Ecuador.

“‘Plants of Mindo’ provides users a thorough, comprehensive and beautiful guide to the marvelous botanical diversity of the region. The ethnobotanical descriptions and images make this guide an essential companion for anyone wishing to familiarize themselves and discover the beauty of the local flora.”

- Anthony B. Naples. Author of “Flowering Plants of Mt. Kasigav, Kenya.”