This unique field guide is useful throughout the montane forests of the neotropics.

Based in the Andean Choco of northwest Ecuador it illustrates almost 400 species, representing over 100 families of common plants.

Bilingual, with almost 700 photos, it is a useful reference for students, botanists, naturalists, guides, scientists, and tourists.


Firstly, this book would not exist without the encouragement and support of Tom Quesenberry and Mariela Tenorio at ‘El Monte Sustainable Lodge’ in Mindo.Rocío Manobanda has been incredibly helpful throughout this process, with plant identification, editing, and general support. Peter Wetherwax of the University of Oregon introduced me to Ecuador and has offered various support to this project. In Mindo, Hugolino Oñate of Cabañas Armonía y Jardín de Orquídeas offered his local expertise and hospitality, while Jenny and Giovanni Patiño of La Isla helped distribute the 1st edition of this book and contributed information on local names. The Caiza family in Quito hosted me while I worked at the herbarium identifying photographs in 2008. Angelica Caiza also offered gramatical help with the spanish. At the Herbario Nacional del Ecuador, Miguel Angel Chinchero, and David Neill provided valuable assistance. While Florian Werner, Lou Jost, Lorena Endara, Nathan Muchala, Charlotte Taylor, Alan Kapular, David Wagner, Bitty Roy, John Clark, Laura Clavijo, Sandra Patiño, Nolberto Jumbo and Mikah Sykes all provided helpful suggestions for identification, all errors are solely my responsibility! José DeCoux and Fausto Lomas of Reserva Los Cedros offered feedback on local common names. Ray Neff provided layout tutelage. Melinda Barnadas graciously offered her artist’s eye and critique. Daniel Cameron, Eleanor Gordon and Jesse McAlpine commented on early drafts of this document. Armonía Jardín de Orquídeas (AJO) in Mindo, and Ecuagenera in Gualaceo, Ecuador allowed me to take photos in their orchid collections, the few photos included here are noted. I was partially supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (USA) (DEB-0841613 to B. Roy & B. Dentinger) while working on the second edition of this book. Thanks as well to Nome McBride at American Herbal Dispensary Press for his ongoing support.